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We understand that modern architecture entails building architectural character by simplifying exterior appearance and focusing on the type of windows and how they transition into solid areas. We also want each client to be able to make full use of the maximum opening of their sliding doors or windows, which is why we recommend the use of the aluminum slim line system. This system is able to provide an elegant and almost seamless transition from the outdoor view into the indoor space.

Transform Your Home

The Slim Line or Less Frame system is a unique, top of the range system which eliminates view obstructions with a window frame. This system is designed to withstand heavy loads from large opening spans and at the same time making it an aesthetically pleasing element in the architecture of the building.

We use ultra slim-line aluminium frames which guarantee extremely slim profiles and a larger pane area that could let more natural light in so you can revel in the glorious view. This can be complemented by a sleek and low profile frame design that can increase the viewing area and light penetration. With slim line systems, you can transform your home into a haven of tranquility.

Windows Built On Strength And Flexibility

We use aluminum, a material that is known for its durability and corrosion resistance. You are assured that our frames are made of material that has passed global standards for security and withstanding weather.

Aluminum is a flexible material in all the senses of the word. You can have the frames directly fitted into the masonry for a contemporary look, but if you’re looking for a traditional feel that would make a nice contrast to the modern feel of the slim line system, you can also opt for a more traditional sub-frame of your choice.

Increase Energy Efficiency

The reduced frame thickness also results to enhanced thermal performance which means that you may also benefit from a reduction in your energy use.

A Fusion of Architecture Character And Technology

This is the outcome of our efforts to combine modern technology with classic architecture principles. If you value aesthetics and you want to make the most out of the magnificent view surrounding your home, slim line systems that offer the minimum sightline in the frames are the ideal choice.

Slim Line Systems