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Lift and slide systems are a step up from the existing sliding systems. Unlike traditional sliding systems, this type of opening can move heavy glass doors and windows by lifting them slightly above the surface so that they can glide open or closed easily.

Grecoline’s lift and slide systems are used mainly for big window and door panels. These kinds of panels are wider and are slightly heavier than the usual panels, thus making it difficult to move them using the traditional sliding system. Lift and slide systems usually consist of 2 or more panels that can have one pane moving while the other remains stationary or all panes moving freely from side to side. These systems also lock from the inside and are sealed completely on all sides. This ensures that water, air, and dust are kept outside.

Because of its design, this system allows an unobstructed view of the outside. Customers will be able to view the beautiful garden or sunset from the comfort of their den, bedroom, or office space without being bothered by dust and pollution. This kind of system can fit most contemporary homes and offices. They complement modern interiors and exteriors and give homes and offices a more open feel. Beach houses, hotels, and condo units are just some of the places where the lift and slide system is used most often.

Lift and slide systems can be customized to fit any type and any size door or window. Grecoline’s friendly teams are ready to help customers pick the best window and door design for their home or office. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring that the lift and slide system that we install will work perfectly with any space.

Lift & Slide Systems