Integrated Blinds System

Clients are given the option of an impressive shading device – an integrated blinds system. The blinds are actually installed within the double glazing, completely eliminating the need for curtains. They are also maintenance free.

The blinds can be lifted completely for unobstructed view, or tilted to control the amount of light entering the interior and protect your privacy. This can be done by using a magnet, a cord control or knob control that is mounted onto the window, or can be fully automated.

Features of the Integrated Blinds System

Our blinds are operated with minimal direct physical contact. The ease of use of the integrated blinds system is particularly useful in homes, offices, and hospitals where the safety and privacy of the people within these buildings is of utmost importance.

Integrated blinds are able to go above and beyond merely providing shade, reducing direct sunlight and heat, and giving much needed privacy. Blinds with edge-to-edge slats can also provide enhanced reduction of noise coming from outside the home.

Our company’s team of specialists are committed to giving all clients the best possible glass and aluminum products and services. We assure all of our customers that we provide only the highest quality in integrated blinds installation.

Benefits of Integrated Blinds

Our integrated blinds system can look deceptively simple at first glance. However, these specialized blinds can offer homeowners and office workers with precise control and customizable adjustments. Each client is given the option of manually adjusting the tilt and lift of these blinds depending on the current weather or the preferred amount of heat and light.

The integrated blinds are also available in a range of colours and sizes. Depending on one’s privacy needs, one can choose to avail of the lightest or the darkest glass and aluminum shades.

Regardless of the actual theme of the commercial or residential space, it is guaranteed that customers will be able to find an integrated blinds system that will best suit their specific needs and property.


Integrated Blinds System