Folding & Stacking Systems

Folding and stacking systems are a variation of the sliding system where instead of 2 to 4 big glass panels that can slide from one side to another, the door or window is made up of several narrower panels. These narrow panels fold and stack to one side of the door or window, hence the system’s name. This feature gives the occupants of a home or office the freedom to open as much or as little of the panels to let in air and light. Opening one fold can minimize noise from the outside while opening all the folds makes one’s home or office feel wider.

Folding and stacking systems, as earlier mentioned, are usually composed of several narrow panels that stack neatly to the end of the door or window. This type of system can be opened from one side and stacked at the other end or opened from the middle and stacked on both ends. It forms a concertina fold before it stacks flatly on the side, giving a wide opening.

These systems are perfect for beach houses with beautiful views of the beach and the sunrise or sunset. The open design allows a lot of light to filter in making a home more  bright  and airy. These systems can also be used by retail shops, bars, and restaurants that offer al fresco dining as well as vacation houses and condo units.

Folding and stacking systems are durable; they won’t easily break even with continued use. Opening and closing these narrow panels are also made easy with Grecoline’s perfectly fitted parts and accessories. Folding and stacking systems require little maintenance and are easy to clean. They do not take up too much space as the folded panels stack neatly to the side of the doors. The narrow panels are also lightweight so they won’t require a lot of effort just to be opened or closed.

Folding & Stacking Systems