Entrance Doors

Every functional enclosed space requires a well-designed entrance door. Here at Grecoline, we combine practicality and style to create top-notch aluminum entrance doors that will make your building façade stand out.

Doorways provide access in and out of a building. For this reason, entrance doors are more susceptible to wear and tear compared to windows and curtain walls. Building experts know this and that’s why they only recommend using high quality entrance doors for any type of building envelope. From simple suburban houses to intricate commercial establishments, each requires a durable threshold protection. Grecoline offers the widest range of corrosion resistant aluminium doors that cater to every application.

Clients can choose from among our superiorly crafted products, aptly classified into three categories — Entrance Doors, Panel Doors, and Safety Doors. Our entrance doors are carefully designed to deliver excellent thermal performance and efficient sound insulation. If you’re aiming for a clean, contemporary look, browse through our selection of Panel Doors, built from corrosion-resistant aluminium composites that are also easy to install. Protect your loved ones and your home from unwanted entry by choosing from our Safety Doors, all fitted with multi-locking systems and e-key slots.

Experience these advanced features and more with our P1000 series equipped with safety locks consisting of 10 mobile and 5 fixed pistons; multipoint locks that enable of tilting and turning of door windows; triplex safety glazing to minimize risk of injury when the glass breaks; Clip-Lock system that enables immediate glazing replacement; and special valves that  secures the door to prevent trespassing. Even more exciting is that our customers can choose the color of their choice when purchasing our products.

Boost your building envelope with the best aluminium systems and accessories sourced from Europe. With Grecoline, you are ensured of high quality products and a reliable service.