Strengthening Structures with Curtain Wall Systems

Protecting structures from harsh elements and inclement weather is among the top concerns of most of our clients, and our best and most durable aluminum the PR 50 is especially suited for a special form of protective engineering that is commonly referred to as a curtain wall.

Much like the kind of fabric that they were named after, curtain wall systems were designed primarily as an outer covering that protects the interiors of its structure. Simply put, curtain walls are built to protect inhabitants or occupants inside the structure and to prevent the harsh weather from getting to them. On top of this, they carry out important functions such as heat insulation, noise cancellation, and waterproofing.

There are three types of curtain wall systems that we offer: the PR50 standard which covers and protects external surfaces of the building such as large windows, pyramids, glass roofs, and winter gardens; the PR50 semi-structural¬Ě to protect other external building surfaces; and the PR50 structural which only shows glass from the outside and features draining channels so that condensation is not contained within the structure or building.

Our dedicated team advises our valued customers to opt for framing our aluminum curtain wall frames with glass for added protection and for better aesthetics (since the glass reflects the light during daytime).

Curtain wall systems are similar to glass and aluminum storefront displays in the sense that they are installed mainly for the protection from weather and for visual purposes. However, what makes curtain wall systems distinctly different from glass and aluminum storefronts is that they are able to withstand trickier situations. Our customers are assured of the superior quality of our aluminum curtain wall installations since they are able to withstand shrinking or expansion of glass due to extreme temperatures, as well as the multiple floor layouts of a typical multistorey building and its swaying movement. Our aluminum curtain wall systems are also designed to help facilitate the efficient distribution of temperature and light so that lighting, heating, and cooling costs are kept to a minimum.